Hand painting concrete pot

Small beautiful objects have become essential in everyday life. They make the space change in a creative and unique way. A Hieta garden cement pot is one of the best suggestions you should try.
Hand painting concrete pot with bright blue and light colors, beautiful symmetrical pattern that easily brings sympathy to the viewers, and possesses the simple and cute round cylinder design style that will bring you The best choice. Especially the product is very friendly to the environment and easy to coordinate the layout in many different interior space designs. Wherever, in any space, Hand painting concrete pot from www.hietagarden.com will still be an interesting highlight, contributing to make the space more sparkling and fresh.

blue painting pots

One of the other favorite personalities of a concrete pot of hand-painted concrete pots is this cylinder. With this design style, the upper surface is expanded more so that we can plant and coordinate a variety of different ornamental plants, creating a lovely, lovely potted plant when looking at it.
Hand painting concrete pot is made from new concrete material, a solution to replace traditional pots such as terracotta, ceramics … Compared to traditional materials, glass fiber concrete is also resistant to cracking. Better before high humidity. That is why this new concrete material is increasingly popular and popular in modern interior decoration products. Owning outstanding advantages from quality to price, style and size of pots are also constantly improved. Hand painting concrete pot is the ideal choice that will meet the increasing requirements of modern life trend, in accordance with European style.
Thus, Hand painting concrete pot not only helps to design the garden landscape but also inspires the creation of open, new, alternative and close spaces to nature. Hand painting concrete helps the interior spaces – the exterior is full of green nature and brings a unique beauty.

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Information about hand painting concrete pot:https://hietagarden.com/indoor-pots/
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Colors: blue and white.
– Simple, exquisite and luxurious design
– Used for living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 40x40x38; 30x30x28; 20x20x18

The Ripple concrete pot

Fresh green pots make your home always full of flavor, fresh and more vibrant. Sometimes beautiful potted plants also function as fresh green decorations for the house.

Ripple concrete pot

The Hieta garden‘s ripple concrete pot with modern round-bottom cylindrical design, ultra-light gold color and extremely comfortable price helps you to freely decorate your beloved home with freshness. This is also a model of pots suitable for all spaces, shape the tree, often found in modern European style designs.
The Ripple concrete pot is made of new concrete material, this new material has many advantages, overcoming most of the disadvantages of traditional plant pots, and has a very long life, Easy cleaning should always be shiny. The Ripple concrete pot has a very high durability, is quite light and the surface is very beautiful, the surface is wavy, giving the product a very special highlight. In addition, this model also has a very smart design, drainage holes suitable for growing plants indoors without fear of spilling out.
In addition, the Ripple concrete pot model is also transformed with a luxurious and eye-catching golden paint color, which makes the space of your friend’s house impressively. Simple design, durable material, possessing an impressive appearance with a rough surface with golden paint on the face, Ripple concrete pot is really a beautiful product that you should own. Meet a variety of decorative styles, suitable for all indoor spaces, when the user layout can be versatile and transform the Ripple concrete pot. With every interior space and style, the Ripple concrete pot is suitable and contributes to the space to add the charm.
In short, the Ripple concrete pot is one of the most advanced and luxurious plant pots, suitable for growing interior or exterior plants. Good quality, will surely satisfy any difficult customer. You will enjoy an elegant, elegant life in a European style with all these cute interior decoration products.
Information about the Ripple concrete pot:
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: wavy surface, luxurious bronze color.
– Simple, exquisite and luxurious design
– Used for living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 37x37x51; 25x25x35

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